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  • Fertility fortnight on TalkMum

    Do you know one in six couples in the UK struggle to become parents? In the UK and worldwide one in six couples are affected to some extent by fertility...

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  • Revealed: our secret pregnancy blogger

    So just who is our secret pregnancy blogger...have you guessed yet? For the past few months we've been hearing from our secret pregnancy blogger as she progressed through the early...

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  • Did you keep a pregnancy diary?

    In our latest post for Pregnancy Month, Fran from The Parent Social talks about how she kept a record of her pregnancies, and how she's carrying them on as her...

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  • The truth about morning sickness myths

    So what's morning sickness really like, and what's a myth? It seems like an obvious answer - morning sickness means being sick in the morning, doesn't it? Not necessarily. If...

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