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  • Worried about weaning? Relax and do it your way

    Mum of two Emma got herself into a tizz over weaning her son, until she realised she could break ‘the rules’ and do it her way…. Ah babies those lovely...

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  • Living with coeliac disease

    We’re looking at all things food this month, and today, TalkMum blogger Katrina talks about suffering from coeliac disease and how it affects her life on a day to day basis. Allergies and...

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  • Food month on TalkMum

    It’s a brand new month, and we have a brand new theme here on TalkMum… Food is so important to us, as parents. Not only does it fuel us, providing...

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  • Looking back at sleep month

    Sleep is super and we talked about it a lot this month… It dominates our lives and conversations when we’re pregnant or a new mum, so it felt fitting that...

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